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Hi Everyone, Let’s come and join us at Mrs Stinson 60 years old birthday party.

Mrs Stinson wants to celebrate her 60 years old birthday party with her family and close friends. She likes to teaching kids about school subject.

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She was a teacher when she was young, she is teaching so many school subjects, such as: Mathematic, Citizenship, Languages (English and Spanish), Literacy, Science and Natural History.

She has been being a teacher for 25 years and she is also available for school subject course for the student outside the class.

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The birthday party is memorable party. The party will be decorate in simple decorations.

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That will has 60 balloons and flowers for the decoration. The party also will have music performance.

In her birthday party, she is using all her students work. For the decorations she hired her students to make the party decorations, party event such as for the performing show, event structure and all the menu.

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That will have a picture of Mrs Stinson in any tables. The party also will showing her the memories when she was born until the present.

The party will have sharing some memories with her students in the slide show.

The decoration will have a big banner in the stage personalized her 60th birthday and also it will has big canvas for the guess to sign it.

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The party will serve home cook food in the buffet table. It also has some fruit salad and some beverages like fruit punch, soda and so much more.

The party also will have finger foods in every tables that guest can enjoy.

The birthday party is in: Friday, 6 December 2014, in 18:00-21:00, at 4081 Richards Avenue, Stocton, CA 95204.

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