Free Printable 1st Birthday Invitations Template


Congrats for your new baby. Time flies, and now he/she already turn one! There’s no special gift, except great birthday party. You can hold any birthday theme. Today we will share free printable invitation for 1st years old baby. Our 1st birthday invitations is free to use and free to share for your personal use only.

Comes in pink and blue, this invitation are very suitable for your baby boy and girl. Pink is perfect for girl baby. These invitation comes in blank template where you can write down your party details like time, date and location of your party. You can paste your cute baby’s photo beside the invitation. Here’s the preview

Below are some 1st birthday invitations template that you can use for free.

We have the baby versions!







Now all done, You can write down your own birthday invitation wording template. Now you’re ready to go. If you are able to operate image processing software like Photoshop and Coreldraw, you will be able to add so many customization to the blank invitation.

How to Download this Free 1st Birthday invitation?

Simply click the invitation, and Save the image as. If you are able to operate Photoshop, then you can customize your invitation. Add photos etc.

You can use a cardstock paper that will give you elegant and authentic feeling. You will get a premium feeling for this invitation. You can get it cheaper in Amazon.

By downloading this invitation, you will save so much money! But by sharing this free invitation, you will not lose anything, please download and share this invitation. 🙂

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