Free printable template pink princess baby shower invitation combines with the luxury gold color. Of course, both are the perfect combination to show the great invitation design. The pink color dominates the background that has a striped pattern along with white color. Even though, not all pink princess themed baby shower invitation using it. Here, you can see it the striped background in blue and white, purple and white, also cream and white.  Even, you can choose it in grey and white, or turquoise and white striped background. All of them are easy to make.

Create A Nice Free Printable Template Pink Princess Baby Shower Invitation

Indeed, this page provides some options but all of them are easy to customize. The link opens now freely. By the way, it is your tool to realize the invitation such as you want. Download to one of the picture before using the software using the following steps:

  1. First of all, upload the picture that you will customize the text and color on the link.
  2. Next, use the blank space to fill detail information on the baby shower invitation event. To convey your message, you may change, add, or cut the words inside.
  3. You might choose the template in turquoise and white striped background. Change one of the colors with a pink tone if you want to change.
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Time to print the Pink Princess Invitation Template

Until here, your task finishes but you need to check it thoroughly before printing. This software only allows printing use CTRL + P buttons on the keyboard. You may print in landscape or portrait orientation but remember one thing. This kind of invitation matches with cardstock paper and 5 x 7 inches size.

Anything you need to realize your free printable pink princess baby shower invitation is available here. You quite use it without the hassle and keep your internet connection. Good luck!


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