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Free Moana Birthday Invitation Template

Moana is the latest disney princess. One of the best animated by Disney. If you have watched the movie, then you will love our invitation. Moana birthday theme is great for summer party, Hawaii party theme or pool party. Here’s free printable Moana Birthday Invitation template.

Comes in JPEG file, this file below is very easy to customize. You can download, print and fill your invitation with a marker or a pen. Write down you birthday details on the Moana invitation and spread the words out.
If you are able to operate Photoshop, then you can edit it easily. You can customize it with Moana font where you can download it in the internet. Write down your party details. Here’s the invitation. Simply click on the image and start download




What’s the best paper for this invitation? Well, you can use cardstock paper. Cardstock paper will make this invitation looks like an authentic invitation. The price isn’t expensive. When you’re done editing it, you can send it to print on your nearest printshop. I put some credit on it, 🙂

Happy Birthday, Little Moana! 🙂






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