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FREE Mario Kart Invitation Template

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Mario Kart is a spin-off of the franchise Super Mario from Nintendo. When your kids are playing Mario Kart, it might make them fight, but there is nothing wrong with having a Mario Kart-themed birthday invitation card. Thankfully, there are many websites that offer various invitation templates that you can modify, including Mario Kart invitation template.

Once you choose a template, you can look for a focal point. Basically, a focal point is the part that will draw someone’s attention. Usually, the focal point is the brightest part of a design. It can also be the part with the most contrasting colors. To make a focal point, all you need to do is choose an image as the focal image.

Another thing you can do to customize the Mario Kart invitation template you already choose is by giving an interesting header. This header can also be the focal point of the card you design. To make an eye-catching header, you can choose a bold pattern or image that will stand out from other elements of the card. Another way to make sure the header draws people’s attention is by choosing a decorative font. You can also choose another decorative font for the sub-header while you need to pick a plain font style for the body. You need to keep in mind that all these fonts should compliment each other.

Once you are done choosing the font styles, you need to think about the font colors. Usually, children love bright colors. You can even choose the rainbow color. After all, every Mario Kart fan knows about the joy of playing in Double Dash Rainbow Road. You can also choose colors that contrast each other. You can do this by picking two colors that are on each other’s opposite on the color wheel, like red and green. By doing all these, you can make a Mario Kart invitation template look even more eye-catching.

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