Free Lego Thor Birthday Invitation Template

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The hammer hero, Thor has been a popular Marvel superhero since the 1950. Thor had a great strength, ability and agility to summon the lightning. Born in Asgard, Thor was sent by Odin. Thor have a hammer named “Mjolnir”. Thor keeps the Earth and Asgard safe from the villains. If your kids already know all about Thor, why don’t you create a birthday party for them!

Increase their creativity with bricks and blocks and we know, LEGO is the best toy to increase kids’ creativity. Today I share LEGO Thor invitation template where you can download it for free. Here’s the invitation template.


fill the invitation from your Desktop computer using your favorite image processor like Photoshop or Coreldraw. If you are unable to operate the software, simply print and fill the birthday party details like , time ,date and location. Remember also to write down your RSVP number.

Calling all superheroes!!! Lets celebrate the party! 🙂

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