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Free Hello Kitty Birthday Invitations

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Free Hello Kitty Birthday Invitations


Hi Everyone, Please come and join us at Andrea 6 years old birthday party.

Andrea is a big fan of Hello Kitty. She was collecting a lot of Kitty items, such as: school bag, pencil box, stationary, lunch box, tissue paper, jacket, shoes, shirt, pajamas and so much more.

pink hello kitty birthday invitations

She also has a bunch of Kitty dolls. She has the small doll, medium doll and huge dolls.

Hello Kitty is identical with pink stuff and her favorite color is pink.

zebra free hello kitty birthday invitations

The birthday party theme is Hello Kitty. The birthday party will be decorate in all Kitty decorations.

That will have a big piñata in the doorway with the pink and white balloons which set circles at the doorway and with pink streamers.

girl free hello kitty birthday invitations

It also will have pink and white tablecloth and pink ribbon at the chair decorations. Each table will have Kitty miniatures to make the tables look cute.

The party also will be serve food in the Kitty plastic plates, plastic cups and also that will have pink spoon, fork and knife. It also has white napkins beside the tableware.

ear free hello kitty birthday invitations

The birthday party will have Kitty decorations in all pink wallpaper with Kitty balloons in the party room and the stage.

It also will have someone wearing Kitty costumes which make the party get more fun. The party also will have some fun games for everyone.

one free hello kitty birthday invitations

Everyone can join the game and it also will have some prizes for the winner. Everyone also can enjoy the food with pink cupcakes and birthday cakes in Kitty themed.

The birthday party is in: Thursday, 14 August 2014, in 15:00-18:00, at


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