You can find the link to download the Dr Seuss baby shower invitations as the template for you in this article. A popular franchise, Dr Seuss designs are also frequently used for child-oriented invitations. Well, why is this template which is free for personal use, but not for commercial use suitable for you?

Why you should use the template

There are two reasons why using this template a good choice. The first reason would be the fact that Dr Seuss is a popular franchise for children and babies, as well as their parents. What about the second one? If you have seen the design which beautifully incorporates blue-and-white dots and red-white stripes (the stripes that can be found on The Cat in a Hat’s hat), as well as a picture of The Cat in a Hat himself, then, you have understood why.

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Other things to know

The first of the things you need to know is that editing the template to add the date and address of the party is super easy since the website can be used for it. The link to the website will be provided at the end of this article. By the way, if you are able to edit in advanced manners, you can use Photoshop or CorelDraw instead. For wording, it is recommended that use the catchy phrases uttered by the characters made by Dr Seuss himself!





As long as you have a color printer or there is any printing service near you, you can print the Dr Seuss baby shower invitations without any difficulties. Tell the employers to use the cardstock papers since they are the best suited to display the details provided by a 1080p template. The size of the paper should be 5” x 7”, by the way.

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The invitation is best suited for the boys since the color combination is more liked by baby boys. There is no feminine color on the design, that’s why! You can use the card to invite your closest friends.


Where to download

You do not need to search for the link. Why? Because you can download the Dr Seuss baby shower invitations here.


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