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FREE Building Blocks Invitation template

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Tips to Make a Pretty Card with Building Blocks Invitation Template

Your kid loves playing with building blocks? You can make a building blocks-themed birthday invitation for your kid’s birthday. Thankfully, you do not need to ask for a professional designer’s help. You can make a unique invitation by looking for building blocks invitation template. After that, you can customize it by changing the fonts and the image.

Children love bright colors, as such, you can choose rainbow colors for the fonts. If you want to make the text pop, you can even combine colors that are in contrast with each other, such as purple and yellow or teal and orange. When it comes to font styles, you can pick decorative fonts for both the header and sub-header but you should pick a plain one for the body. It will look better if you choose a font that compliments the building block invitation template that you choose.

You also need to choose a focal point, that is an element that will steal the recipient’s attention right away. If you want to make the header as the focal point, you can choose a bold pattern. You can also use an image as the focal point. The problem with this is that sometimes, it makes the text unreadable.

To handle this, you can use a color filter. By using a color filter, you can make sure that the background image does not totally hide the text. You can also choose the color that is in contrast with the background image. For example, if you have a dark background image, then you should look for a light-colored font.

Another way to make sure the text is not hidden by the background is by splitting the card into two parts. The first part is for the background while the other is for the text. For the background of the text, you can use a block-color background. Make sure that the color matches the building blocks invitation template you use.

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