Free printable template pink pastel design is useful for any party invitation. However, it is only suitable for a girl’s party both birthday and baby shower. More than that, you can use it for graduation and other girl’s party invitations. The pink pastel themed invitation has a simple design with minimalist accessories. Even though, it shows a gold color accent that limits the spacious blank space to write. Well, feel the easiness and fast step to create this chic elegant invitation. Conduct along with the instruction of the page and this software.

Free Printable Template Pink Pastel Alice in Wonderland Invitation Idea that easy to make

Click here edit or customize the template freely. You will use it after downloading and transferring the images on your PC. Believe it, this online software is truly free to use except the internet connection. After you upload the picture on the link, you only need to run these steps:

  1. Go on the blank space to inform the name of the guest, your event time and place, and others. Do it quickly by inputting, changing, or cutting the text in the space.
  2. Next, change the color if you like other colors or you will use it for boys or men’s party invitation. Never think that this page only serves for current gender, group, or interest.

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Resize to print

It turns out you only need two steps to finish your special invitation design which differs from others. You finish your task but not finish in the real meaning. It implies you still should check the design to avoid missing mistakes. Then, you must use 5 x7 inches size to print both landscape and portrait. Alongside that, this page recommends so much to only use cardstock paper type. Well, print by using the buttons of CTRL + P on the keyboard.

Okay, that is a piece of brief information on free printable template pink pastel invitation design. Feel free to use it!


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