Farm Themed Birthday Party Invitations


Hi Everyone, Please come and join us at Marcus 7 years old birthday party.

Marcus is living in a farm and he likes to play in the farm. Sometimes he was helping his father plant some rice and they are playing with some tractors.

cow farm themed birthday party invitations

He likes to live in the farm because it has a fresh natures and able to having fun in the farm all day.

The birthday party theme is farm. The party will be held in his backyard which has a big gazebo for hanging out.

animal farm themed birthday party invitations

The party will be fun with some decorations at the backyard and the gazebo which decorate in farm decorations.

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It will have string lights around the backyard and also in the gazebo with some balloons and party streamers hanging up around the gazebo.

barnyard farm themed birthday party invitations

The party will have more tables and chairs at the backyard and also everyone can sit at the gazebo.

The party will have white and green polka dots tablecloth and it also will have green and white gingham napkins. The tableware will be all in white. The plates and the cups will be in green.

horse farm themed birhday party invitations

The party will have birthday cakes which shaped in farm house and the farm with the green icing and frosting and also it will have animal cake decorations made from chocolate.

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It also will have some food, such as: garlic bread, fresh homemade soup, freshly squeezed apple or orange, pasta, organic salmon, fried rice and it also will have ice cream.

pig farm themed birthday party invitations

The party also will be fun by any performance. Everyone can sing, playing musical instrument or dance.

The birthday party is in: Saturday, 28 October 2017, in 17:00-20:00, at 1353 Long Street, Garden City, NY 11530.


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