Dora The Explorer Birthday Invitations

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Dora is one of the popular Nick Jr. cartoon characters, and now there are lots of pictures printed Dora party theme and coloring pages. There are many items such as Dora party invitations, plates, cups and games that can be found in specialty party stores, online or in department stores.

Personalized Dora The Explorer Birthday Invitation With Photo


Personalized Dora The Explorer Birthday Invitation Ideas

Consider the age of the birthday child and prepare a guest list accordingly. Generally, the age for Dora birthday party was aged two to six years. Depending on age, the list of activities and appropriate guest list will vary.

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Dora The Explorer Birthday Invitation Wording Ideas

The age of two years will be very pleasant and most comfortable with a crowd of little faces, six years can choose to invite all your friends to a party school classes as well as family members. The key is to make the party premises in accordance with the age group.

Dora The Explorer Birthday Invitation Custom Photo

Dora The Explorer 5th Birthday Invitation For Girls

We recommend that you send an invitation with a map to the location map, determining the exact date and time of the party. Time can be included when the party would begin and end, and whether or not the transport is provided. If you have a plan to provide transportation for your guests, guests should RSVP premises toward their home. Make sure that you ask an adult or teenager to help you to keep an eye on the party and everything should run smoothly.

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