Bumble Bee Birthday Party Invitations

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Bumble Bee Birthday Party Invitations


Hi Everyone, Let’s come and join us at Simon 10 years old birthday party.

Simon likes to play toys. He was collecting a bunch of toys, such as: cars, robot, card, plastic sword, water guns and so much more.

boys bumble bee birthday party invitations

He also likes to watch movie, especially action movies. His favorite movie is Transformers.

He was watching 4 sequel of transformers movie. He also likes to play his robot toys. His favorite character is bumble bee.

cars bumble bee birthday party invitations

The birthday party theme is bumble bee. The dress code is yellow or black.

The party will be decorated in black balloons and yellow party streamers. It also will have bumble bee wallpaper for the decorations.

transformers bumble bee birthday party invitations

It also will have yellow and black polka dots for the tablecloth and also it will have yellow napkin and also it will have black cutlery.

The party will be served in buffet tables which in the yellow tablecloth and it also will have black appetizer plates, main dishes plates and dessert plates.

optimus bumble bee birthday party invitations

The party also will be served excellent dishes, such as: macaroni and cheese, pasta, pot pie and also it will have nachos, French fries and onion ring with the sauce dipping. The party also will have ice cream in any flavors and some finger food during the party.

It also will have fun games for the kids to have fun. The party will have playing roles as the Autobots and Deception.

autobots bumble bee birthday party invitations

That also will have games “Bumble Bee says”. It is the version of Simon Says and also “Transformers Freeze Tag” and so much more.

The birthday party is in: Sunday, 29 Nov 2015, in 10:00-13:00, at html3931 Vernon Street, San Diego, CA 92123.

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