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Build A Bear Birthday Invitations – Updated Invitation!

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Build A Bear Birthday Invitations


Hi Everyone, Please come and join at Renee 5 years old birthday party. Renee will be turning 5 in 2 weeks later.

Renee loved to playing dolls, she like to playing with all her dolls after she had back from school.

build a bear birthday invitations pink card

She has all kind of dolls, such as: Barbie, American Girl Dolls, Animal dolls, some creatures dolls, such as: Dracula, Alien, Skull dolls and also children’s dolls

Her favorite doll is a Build a Bear dolls. She likes to collect all of the dolls product and put it on her shelf and her bed.

build a bear birthday invitations purple

The birthday party themed is Build a Bear birthday party. The party will decorate as in dolls world.

The decorations will be all stuff in the bear dolls. That will be a bear dolls decorations in each table with a different bear pictures each table.

build a bear birthday invitations colorful

The party also will have tie-bear shaped balloons in the ceiling and also in every corner of the party.

It will have the big one balloons in the front of the entry room and a big Build a Bear dolls as the decorations in the front of entry way room so then people can take a picture.

build a bear birthday invitations red polka dots

The decorations also will be completed by chair and cutlery all in the bear themed.

The party food will be amazing, it will has a dishes in Bear themed, you can taste a bear cookies, cupcakes and also dishes which is shaped in bear.

photos build a bear birthday invitations

FREE-Printable-Build-a-Bear-Invitation-Template FREE-Build-a-Bear-Birthday-Invitation-Template FREE-Printable-Build-a-Bear-Darth-Vader-Edition-Invitation-Template FREE-Printable-Build-a-Bear-Invitation-furry-Friend

You can bring home souvenirs, which are: bear favor bags which has some bear stickers, gummy bears, miniatures bears, gift cards to Build a Bear coupon, shirt and accessories.

The party will be held in: Saturday, 25 June 2016, at 15:30-18:00, in 999 Brannon Avenue, Jacksonville, FL 32207.


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