Birthday Dinner Party Invitations Wording

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Birthday Dinner Party Invitations Wording


Hi Everyone, Let’s come and join us at Julie 19 years old birthday party. Julie is turning 19 in the next 3 weeks later.

Julie likes food, she likes to watch movie. She likes to observe some movies and sometimes she has an idea to create her own movies.

pizza birthday dinner party invitations wording

She has a future dream to be a director and she likes to watch any movies from the best director made.

Her grandmother teaching her to cook American food, such as: macaroni and cheese, pasta, apple pie and also some Latin food and Asian food too.

casual birthday dinner party invitations wording

The birthday party is dinner birthday party. The dress code is non formal outfit.

The party will have fun by playing about movie stuff. Before the party start, the birthday girl will tell everyone about her favorite movie and favorite actor or actress.

motif birthday dinner party invitations wording

The game is after she mentioned her movie, she will give the name of the actor of actress of the movie. The guest in the tables next to her should continue mention more actress or actor in the movie until there is no co star left in the movie.

black birthday dinner party invitations wording

Then the last person should mention the movie of the last co star was filming, the next person should start again mention who is the co star of the movie. If the guest can’t mention the movie either the actor then they will pass.

elegant birthday dinner party invitations wording

The last person who can mention the right question will be the winner.

That will have different games before the party, after dinner and after dessert. The winner of the game will get an amazing handcraft prizes which made by her creations.

The birthday party is in: Friday, 24 October 2014, in 17:00-20:00, at 2555 Gandy Street, Saint Loius, MO 63146.

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