Why Kids Say They Love Fairy Tales?

In a nutshell, Fairy Tales’ stories draw them in, transport them to another place, and thinking that they (kids) are the main protagonist. Mostly, Fairy tales are telling good story which values the good and teaching them to avoid bad acts, such as lying and not loyal. For example, I bet everyone in here already knew it, Beauty and the Beast, the OG animated-series from Disney.

We loved the whole – beauty falling in love with the beast and seeing him for what he is rather than how he looks. Yes, inner beauty is what matters and not the outwardly appearance, and it’s our highlight to tell it to our children. Anyway, if your little daughter loves this idea for her birthday party, what if your pair the party with this perfect companion (Beauty and The Beast-themed invitation card).

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Why this invites perfect for your daughter’s birthday?

First thing first, you won’t see something like these easily, especially if you are finding it on Internet, when most of times they will ask you to pay that ranging from $3 – $50 (It just the file, not the actual form). Meanwhile, we provide our templates for free, and all of them are editable with Ms. Word.








This Beauty and The Beast also has everything you need to catch everyone’s attention. Pale yellow color on its back, and simple circle text box, with rounded edges, it makes the looks cute and elegant at the same time! Each cards also have gorgeous Belle and the brave Beast, and in one of the template also had them dancing, it’s not that makes them even perfect for your daughter’s birthday invitation card, right?

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How to Download

  1. The download link was placed above. Click that and you’re going to see Google drive page soon.
  2. Click the download button, and Locate the destination folder.
  3. Tap “enter” to start the download process.
  4. Once the download process is finished, you need to unpack the file with Rar file opener. (WinRar, 7Zip, or others).
  5. Then go to Fonts folder, open it and install all fonts in there.


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