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Baby Mickey First Birthday Invitations

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Baby Mickey First Birthday Invitations


Hi Guys, Let’s come and join us at Mickey 1 years old birthday party. Mickey will have first birthday invitations in the next 10 days.

As his names, he likes Mickey Mouse. He is sweet boy and he likes to collect all the Mikey stuff especially dolls.
polka dots baby mickey first birthday invitations
In his first birthday party, we would like to invite you to come to his birthday party with the Mickey Mouse party theme.

The decoration will be set in Mickey decorations. That will have Mickey Mouse decorations and also big picture on him for the wallpaper.

cupcakes baby mickey first birthday invitations

It also will have balloons for the party in red and black color and also there is party streamers.

The party also will have tablecloths and tableware in Mickey Mouse and also in the each table will have Mickey picture in any different Mickey Mouse pictures.

polka dots free mickey mouse birthday invitations

The party will have some Mickey Mouse games for the toddlers to enjoy the party.

That will have “Pin the Ear on Mickey” games, which is the kids will give a poster of Baby Mickey and they will be blindfolded and pin the ears on the poster.

ears baby mickey first birthday invitations

Kids can enjoy the food which is shaped by Mickey Mouse shaped for the cookies and cupcakes.

It is not only served cupcakes and cookies but also will serve macaroni and cheese and also cheeseburger and some milkshake and ice cream in any flavor.

elegant baby mickey first birthday invitations

The party will be so much fun with the Mickey Mouse souvenir for everyone to bring home.

Kids can bring home Mickey Mouse goodie bag which made it by handcraft.

The birthday party is in: Monday, 29 July 2013, in 15:00-17:00, at 3272 Tree Top Lane, Bensalem, PA 19020.

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