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80th Birthday Party Invitations Templates

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80th Birthday Party Invitation Templates


Hi Everyone, Please come and join at Mrs Brooks 80th Birthday Party.

Mrs Brooks will be 80 years old in this a few weeks later. That will be a great birthday party during the journey of life.

pictures 80th birthday party invitations templates

The birthday party will be a casual birthday party and that will be a big family from any other states and cross countries come to celebrate, also the neighbors will attended to make the party get more rousing.

pink 80th birthday party invitations template

Mrs Brooks loved to sewing a dressed. She like to made her grandson and granddaughter clothes, she is also sell all her sewing to everyone when she was young.

Sometimes in her spare time, she is also made a scarf, tiny shirt, hat for a baby. And also she made a bags for toddler.

purple 80th birthday invitations templates

The birthday party will be set as in casual decoration, it will have some flowers in the room with a beautiful color. Her favorite flower is a red roses.

The party will be so much fun with the musing playing, everyone can have fun in the dance floor with a classic songs. You also can dance in a Michael Jackson songs and dance which is very entertaining.

pink white black 80th birthday party invitations

The dishes will be outstanding by home cook. In her age 80 years old, she still can singing, she will singing a classic songs to everyone. If you guys want to giving performance would be appreciate too.

The birthday party will be held in: Saturday, 6 April 2013, at 17:00-19:30, in 3287 North Avenue, Raymond, NE 68428.






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