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5 Years Old Birthday Invitations

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5 Years Old Birthday Invitations


Hi Guys, Please come and join us in Bridget’s 5th birthday party. Bridget loved Doraemon so much.

She is a big fan of the robotic cat which coming from future to back in present for helping Nobita, 4th grade student which is craven, lazy, less self-confidence.

doraemon all cast birthday party invitations

Doraemon cartoon famous since in around 1970’s, but this cartoon series still popular until present. The new movie version were playing on cinema on 2014.

She obsessed in all Doraemon things and she also like Dorayaki which is Doraemon favorite cake, it is a Traditional Japanese cake which made from red bean jam similar like a castella but the shaped is round.

doraemon cute birthday party invitations

She was collecting a lot of stuff, like bags, pencil box, pillow, dolls, key chain, pillow, tissue paper covered, books and so much more.

The dress code is blue, white, yellow, pink, orange or green.

The party will have a free cupcake which is made from any Doraemon characters, such as: Doraemon, Nobita, Shizuka, Suneo and Giant as a main characters.

doraemon cake birthday party invitations

The party will be more fun by some games which are guessing any kind of Doraemon equipment from his magic pocket and the party also will be completed by games singing Doraemon theme songs.

The winner games will get some interesting prizes!

That will be a great party which has an unique idea, I hope everyone will be have fun at the party.

The party will be held in Friday, 26 June 2015, at 16:00-18:00, in 1261 Nuzum Court, Cassadaga, NY 14718.

See you at the party!




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