5 Years Old Birthday Invitations Wording


Hi Guys, Let’s come and join us at Devon 5 years old birthday party. Devon will be turning 5 soon.

Devon is a big fan of movies. He likes to watch movies. The favorite thing that he likes about movie is the movie is always has costume and some magical creatures in it.

mermaid 5 years old birthday invitations wording

He likes to watch fantasy movie with some incredible cool costumes, such as: Harry Potter costume, Indian Tribes costume, Mad Hatter costume, Super Hero costume or some magical creatures costume.

The birthday party theme is costume party. The dress code is your favorite movie character dress code.

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mario bross 5 years old birthday invitations wording

For example if you were big fans of Batman, you can wear some black robe and black mask for your costume or if you are a big fan of fairy tales world, you can wearing some of your fairy tales favorite character, such as: red riding hood with the long white dress and the red riding hood costume.

girl 5 years old birthday party invitations wording

The birthday party will have an awarded for the best costume, the most unique costume and the funniest costume. The costume winner will get amazing prizes, so let’s make your best or unique or funniest costume!

rainbow 5 years old birthday party invitations wording

The party also will be have some fun games for kids to play. That will have a guessing character games. That will be 2 player in the game for each team, the first player will get a card about the movie character, for example “she wearing a green dress, she is cute and she lived in Neverland”, the second person should guess what is the character is.

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flowers 5 years old birthday invitations wording

The team who can get most correct answer will be the winner.

The birthday party is in: Friday, 7 February 2014, at 16:00-18:00, in 3349 Logan Lane, Greenwood Village, CO 80111.


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