4 Years Old Birthday Invitations Wording

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4 Years Old Birthday Invitations Wording


Hi Everyone, Let’s come and join us at my sister, Mia 4 years old birthday party. Mia will be 4 years old soon.

I can’t believe it my little sister is growing up now. It seems like yesterday when my mom told me she will have a baby and she was giving birth the sweetest little girl ever.

photo 4 years old birthday invitations wording

I am so excited to waiting on her come to the world and spending time with her. When she is growing up, she can be my best friend.

My mom said sometimes people thought like we are twins. Mom like to dressed her just like me.

girl 4 years old birthday invitations wording

I like to spending time with her, she is my best friend. When I get problem, she always listening me and sometimes she calm me down.

She know how to make me smile again when I feel sad, she is the best sister I ever had.

pink 4 years old birthday invitations wording

In this birthday party, I would like to invite you to be the part of her life.

She likes spongebob squarepants. The birthday party theme is spongebob squarepants birthday party.

boys 4 years old birthday invitations wording

The party will be decorate in all spongebob character. That will have Patrick, Mr Krab, Squidward, Sandy, Plankton, Ms Puff and more characters as the party decorations.

That also will have spongebob mylar balloons for the decoration and also it will have some tablecloths, plastic plates, plastic cups and napkins in spongebob themed.

teddy bear 4 years old birthday invitations wording

The party also will have some fun games for the party and everyone can bring some souvenir in the birthday party.

The party is in: Tuesday, 23 September 2014, in 15:00-18:00, at 4266 Hickory Lane, New Haven, CT 05611.



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