2nd Birthday Invitations Wording Samples


Hi Everyone, Please come and join us at my daughter, Maddie 2nd birthday party.

Maddie is almost turning 2 in the next 8 days. I am so excited that my loved one will be growing up soon.

girl 2nd birthday invitations wording samples

She is a huge blessing that I ever had. Without her my life will be so flat and I am just focus on work, but Praise the Lord we are now having little family.

Her father and I are so excited to waiting this moment. She is a beautiful little kid and she likes to dressed in some baby fashion trend.

boy 2nd birthday invitations wording samples


I like to dressed her in any dressed, like leggings, denim, skirt flower and more fashion trends.

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She also likes to play with the local kids here. They are always spending time together and seeing her smile it really makes my day.

monkey 2nd birthday invitations wording samples

Her favorite color is pink. The party will be decorated in pink wallpaper and it also have pink balloons and added with white balloons to make it more lightning.

It also will have pink tablecloth with the white polka dots and tableware in pink color. It also will have white napkins.

hat 2nd birthday invitations wording samples

The party will be having cute tablecloths for the buffet tables in pink and white tablecloth and it also will have pink lantern around the party room hanging on the ceiling.

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The birthday party will have fun games for the kids, such as: Musical Cupcakes, Kids should pass the cupcake dolls to the person next to them while the music playing.

simple 2nd birthday invitations wording samples

The party will have more fun games and excellent food for all the guest. The food also will be served in the pink themed.

The birthday party is in: Sunday, 3 July 2016, at 10:00-12:00, at 782 Norma Lane, Shreveport, LA 71101.


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