16th Birthday Invitations for Boys


Hi Guys, Let’s come and join us at Wade 16 years old birthday party.

Wade likes to spending time with his friends and he likes to play football with his friends every evening after school.

man 16th birthday invitations for boys

He was in the football team as the quarterback in the high school. People like him because he is not only just an athlete but also he is the library president.

His favorite football team is the Philadelphia Eagles. He was collecting the jersey, hat and all the merchandise.

songs 16th birthday invitations for boys

His football team is like his second family, spending time with the boys is really making him like having brothers.

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The birthday party theme is football party. The dress code is football club jersey or football team uniforms.

black 16th birthday invitations for boys

The decorations will be decorated in the Philadelphia Eagles wallpaper. That also will have photo booth with the Philadelphia Eagles back drop so then everyone can take a picture for the keepsake.

It also will have party decoration in the pennants which made in the football team themed and also it will have dark green curtains and carpet.

purple 16th birthday invitations for boys

The party also will have football field tablecloth and also it has the football themed plastic plates, plastic cups and dark green napkins.

The party will be watching the football match live and also it will have celebrating for their football team school who was winning last Tuesday.

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bieber looks 16th birthday invitations for boys

The birthday party will have food to enjoy watching the match, such as: nachos, burger, french fries and nachos. It also will have chicken wings with rice as the meals.

It also will have slushie and coca cola for the beverages and some snack while watching the match.

The birthday party is in: Friday, 29 May 2015, in 17:00-21:00, at 3580 Linda Street, Philadelphia, PA 19108.


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