60th Birthday Surprise Party Invitations


Hi Everyone, Please come and join at Mrs Ryan 60th birthday party.

Mrs Ryan is very nice woman in the town. She love smiling and say hi to everyone, even for someone that she just met.

She is also love to cooking for the neighbor and to the church event. She lived alone in her home, sometimes she feels lonely.

cake 60th birthday surprise party invitations

She like when there is a neighbor come over to visit her.

She is accepting a college student who does not have a place to live, she ask them to live in her house and she is also like when there is a college student come over to her house for dinner.

zip 60th birthday surprise party invitations

She also loved kids, sometimes she is sewing a clothes or sweater which giving for charity in church.

In her 60th birthday, we would like to give her a birthday surprise party. Her daughter and son are so far away, one is in Costa Rica and one is in Germany.

She was wishing to meet her 2 grandson which is in the army and marines. They both are deployed to Hawaii and Afghanistan.

ssshh 60th birthday surprise party invitations

It has been almost 2 years she didn’t meet all her complete family.

The party is surprised party, so you guys should act like in daily days, nothing special.

After Sunday Mass Morning, some people will distract her to stay in the church while we are decorate her house and we will give her the best gift by bring her 2 grandson and her daughter and son home to come surprised her come in her birthday.

box 60th birthday surprise party invitations

The party will be a simple party which just family, neighbor and church mass join it.

The party will be a lot of fun with some dishes that has been prepared in all her favorite dishes.

white 60th birthday surprise party invitations

It also will playing her favorite rock n’ roll songs and let’s dance!

The party will be held in Sunday, 15 September 2013, at 10-00 until finish, in 3491 Canis Heights Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90017.

Don’t forget to come, your presence is enough.



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