12 Years Old Birthday Invitations

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12 Years Old Birthday Invitations


Hi Everyone, Let’s come and join us at Ashley 12 years old birthday party. Ashley will be 12 years old in the next 3 weeks.

owl 12 years old birthday invitations

She likes to having fun in home and enjoy all the home facility. She likes to spending time with her friends in home, her home is like a home for her friends, her family is very arms open wide.

plain 12 years old birthday invitations

She likes to spending time with her friends, every once a month they always have turns to sleepover and do all fun things.

The birthday party theme is Movie Night, Food and Games. The birthday party is in her house.

blue 12 years old birthday invitations

The party will have so much fun with the movie night. Everyone can bring their favorite movie to watch, it can be comedy, drama comedy, fantasy, musical drama or TV series.

The birthday party also will have some fun games based on the movie, it can be ask about the movie cast or movie scenes related the movies.

pink black 12 years old birthday invitations

The party is not complete with the food. That will serve excellent food while everyone is watching the movie. You can get nachos, pop corn, lays or some chocolate and some beverages like a soda or lemonade.

After the movie night, that will have a dinner for the party. In the party everyone can have fun by giving some performance based on the movie.

star 12 years old birthday invitations

For example, can play some movie scenes in some characters, the person who can imitate well will be the winner.

The birthday party is in: Saturday, 26 April 2014, in 18:00, at 1075 Crowfield Road, Phoenix, AZ 85034.

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