Disney Cars Birthday party Invitations


Hi Everyone, Please come and join at Alvin 7th birthday party. Alvin is a big fan of Disney Cars movie.

He was collecting all stuff in Disney Cars. He has a bag, pencil box, books, stationery and all stuff is in Disney Cars.

disney cars birthday invitations card

He never got bored to watch the movie for a couple times.

His favorite car character is Lightning McQueen which is the main character.

The birthday theme is Disney Cars. You will find a lot of Disney Cars decoration in the party.

all cast disney cars birthday party invitations

The party will have some background party wall that you can use for taking a picture. It will have some Disney Cars character, such as: Lightning McQueen, Doc Hudson, Sally Carrera, Mater, Luigi and Ramone.

The party will have a photo booth. Everyone is free to using photo booth with exchange your birthday invitations.

all cast disney cars birthday party invitations

Everyone will get a one ticket for photo booth, you can take a picture with your friends or you can take your own picture. You also can bring the picture home directly.

The party will have a lot of fun games. The games winner will get a merchandise of Disney Cars.

The food will be served in all Disney Cars. You will get Disney Cars napkins, Disney Cars plate and Disney Cars cups, that will be so cute!

The party will be held in:

Date: Friday, 7 Ocotober 2016

Time: 16:00-18:00

Place: 3309 Shearwood Forest Drive, Troy, NH 03465

Don’t forget to bring your invitations to get photo booth ticket. See you at the party!


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