Look at these free printable template pineapple birthday invitation ideas! The gorgeous design of the pineapple tree mixing with flowers and another plantation is eye-catching. It will charm everyone who receives and see this invitation before reading the content. The template also will make them are willing to come to the party whenever it occurs. Certainly, the pineapple themed birthday invitation is easy to create by everyone. By clicking here https://canvas.drevio.com/start/, you can realize the invitation in a short time. The result will not tear you down although you are not an expert in graphic design.

How to use Free Printable Template Pineapple Birthday Invitation

To be honest, the invitation design is not only for one gender but a kid girl and boy may use it. Here, you have a right to personalize to make it look girly or manly using the features on the link. Touch it with your cool ideas especially in the text and color such as below:

  1. Download one of all images and open the software (link).
  2. Use the corner icon of “OPEN” through the center feature to upload, create, or use the sample.
  3. Play your idea to inform who will come, where to do, and when it happens (day, date, and time). Conduct it by inputting, cutting, or changing the text easily.
  4. Customize the color according to the gender of the kid who celebrates the birthday party.
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Resize to print the Invitation

One last task is printing the invitation as long as possible but review before pressing CTRL +P. Press it when you have been sure that the design and information are the same as your plan. Resize in 5 x 7 inches anything the orientation that you use later. Both landscape and portrait use the best paper choice of cardstock.

Okay, the information on the free printable template pineapple birthday invitation is clear so much. If you still have any questions, feel free to leave a message in the comment because it is glad to serve you. Good luck!

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